FROL is a leader in the Mexican market supplying industry goods, which quality assurance to all our customers that we will provide the best service with a minimum investment.
We have 50 years experience in areas such as: purchasing, supply, engineering, transportation, logystics, etc.
To reach the excellence as far as the satisfaction of our clients. A permanent reduction of costs.To guarantee the best delivery time, quality materials and production levels for all our customers.The continuous improvement in the quality of our service to meet the needs of our customers, while allowing us to earn a reasonable return on investment.
CUSTOMERS Are our most important asset. We must provide service that is dedicated, responsible, innovative and flexible.
PEOPLE Our people are the source of our strenght. We must provide them with the necessary tools and work environment that will promote stability, teamwork and efficiency.
QUALITY To exceed customer satisfaction, the quality of our products & service always must meet all the requirements.
INTEGRITY Our integrity is our reputation and must never be compromised. We must conduct all internal and external business in a responsible manner.
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Our Company’s success depends upon our ability to continually improve our service to provide the most efficient means of conducting our business.
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